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Reiki is & Reiki is Not

. Reiki is . . . *Universal life force energy that balances & restores your body and all layers of the aura (etheric,emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual). *Vibrational Boost of healing energy. The high frequencies clear accumulation of lower, denser energies, thought patterns, energetic blocks and traumas that are stored in the body and [...]

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Fear that Binds

My words are strangled by the plumber’s snake that has wrenched it’s way down my vocal chords choking out any semblance of thought. Words strung like a pearly necklace leaving students hitched forward on their yoga pillows does not happen. Fragments, unfinished thoughts spewed out in five different directions leaving me here at the keyboard [...]

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New To Reiki: Read This!

What is energy? What is Reiki?   Everything in this universe is energy. Everything you see has molecules vibrating at different frequency to create matter. Much energy we do not see, but we see its effects like electricity. You see the light bulb glowing, but you do not see the energy running through the wire. [...]

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How Reiki Classes Help

  “ I feel like I lost everything.” words uttered by a Reiki student a month after her level one training. She spoke of her experiences, since it resonated  similar stories it catapulted me to write this. She said what most say: life got busy and her momentous start dwindled. She doesn’t have the time to [...]

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Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner at the personal or professional level in as little as one day!

Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner at the personal or professional level in as little as one day! Hello You! I’m super excited to tell you that Reiki is fun and easy to learn and anybody can do it!   Imagine . . . Getting your  real self back: feeling freer, lighter, and more energized than [...]

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Heart or Head?

A few years ago I read a Louise Hay affirmation and it said, “Life is simple and easy.” My immediate thought was: “Yah right!” I reflected upon my life with a wrinkled brow, hand cupping chin, and thought of many things that were not simple and easy. It seemed nearly every aspect of teaching high [...]

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Reiki Helps Heal our Shadow Self

There is a saying that change is the only constant. The most current scientific research states that five percent of what controls our lives is conscious. If I think about these two statements then the truth that emerges is that as our life changes, then our life is essentially controlled by subconscious energies. This idea [...]

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Levels of Reiki Training

As a Reiki student there is nothing to truly do but practice as much as possible. Practice on yourself daily and others if you have the chance. Create a routine, if you like, or practice Reiki on the fly. The great thing about Reiki is— there is no wrong way to do it! Yet, I [...]

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My Pathway to Forgiveness

My Pathway to Forgiveness “You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger.” Buddha Painful life experiences . It is impossible to avoid our destiny as it unfolds. Whether we like an experience or not doesn’t matter, because it’s happening. I like to believe that painful life experiences are [...]

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