Crystal Healing thru the Chakras: Empowering you in your use of crystals

Course Objective: Anyone can read a book and learn about chakras or crystal healing, turning to these resources can provide a wealth of knowledge as I often love to read and learn new things as well. Yet oftentimes, we can and do give our power away to “outside sources” negating the power within and letting other sources decide what works best for us. This class is designed to empower your decision making, intuition, and guidance in using crystals for healing your chakras.  Class will be a combination of lecture and hand’s on experience, and treatment. Tap into your “inner knowing” and trust you have the power to create a crystal layout that works for you. Guidance, modeling, samples, and sacred space provided.

There will be eight classes. Each class you will receive a worksheet identifying potential crystal ‘candidates’ to use for that chakra. For example, you may use rose quartz or malachite for your heart chakra or red jasper or garnet for the root chakra. You will learn how to create a layout for that chakra. Your frequency is unique and this class is designed to get you to tap into your vibration. Despite being the host of the class, I’m not here to tell you what crystal to use, you decide from the options based upon what resonates with you! The cost of the class is $20 per class or advance pay of $150, excluding the cost of the crystals. Each week I will take a “field trip” to the crystal store to select the crystals, or if you choose you can get them on your own, or even drive with me and pick them up!  I’m very excited to learn from this class and all of you. Since this is the first time I will be hosting this, I am taking recommendations on place and times, and will decide based upon your feedback. Thank you in advance for letting me know if this is something you do in fact want to sign up for, or if you are a “maybe” right now. My final date for signing up will be: June 30.

Proposed Calendar:  Either Wednesday Nights or Thursday nights  from 6-8pm or 7-9pm.

Starting Date: July 8-August 26 or July 9-August 27

Proposed Location: Mukwonago. Or if someone is willing to host all classes, ½ off tuition.

Minimum Enrollment: 3 people intending to attend all 8 classes. If you’d like to take one or a couple of classes, that is fine, yet I’ll need to know by the time I go to pick up the crystals if you want to create a layout for that evening, otherwise handouts are provided so you can get it as needed!