Reiki: Crystals and Pendulum Work

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2016

Location: Herbal Therapy and Family Acupuncture Clinic, 6130 South 108th Street

Price: $175, includes chakra stones

Time: 9-5pm

Deposit: $50 due one week before class starts (in the event of a cancellation deposits may used for Reiki treatment or future class transfer).

Contact :262.363.2805/ 262.498.4162


Course Description: This workshop is designed for Reiki students that are interested in learning how to use crystals within their Reiki healing practice. Together we will learn how to clear, charge, and program a crystal. Additionally, we will have a specific focus in working with a pendulum to assess whether or not a chakra is excessive, imbalanced, or closed. Then we will learn a chakra layout with the incorporation of selenite wands to aid the Reiki energies in clearing and charging these areas. It is suggested that you at least be a level 2 Reiki practitioner to take this class, or have many practice hours of self treatment as a Reiki Level One.

Special attention will be given to breath work and aura healing in this workshop. Cost of class covers chakra crystals. You are responsible for bringing your own pendulum (sometimes a necklace with a pendant works nicely). Selenite wands will be available for purchase (a pair of small selenite wands will be $26, large $42, please let me know if you intend to buy these in advance so I have enough stock). Otherwise, I have some for class usage.