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This course is designed for Reiki and Crystal lovers that want to incorporate working more with crystals and stones in energy work, either for yourself or others. The information is simple and easy to learn, and the energy from the attunement allows students to connect more deeply with the mineral kingdom thereby using its energies, healing frequencies to aid in our Crystal Healing. Specifically in this level one class  you will receive:  five symbols, an attunement, course slideshow, video, workbook, and certificate from this training. 

Symbols: The symbols you are attuned to, as in  Level 2 Usui Reiki Ryoho, are like “keys” that aid in specific and certain healing techniques. Pairing these techniques with crystals and stones to amplify Reiki healing energy enhances the overall effect of the Reiki treatment. As with any attunement, it is a spiritual activation and blessing that clears away what no longer serves the student and amplifies his or her intention in this work. The level one class is the foundation course, so there is a lot of material covered, including: (clearing, charging and programming stones, the three pillars of Reiki, and much more. Regardless if you’re new to Reiki or Crystals this class truly activates one’s ability to work with the healing powers of crystals and stones. Each successful level in this training extends and develops our innate healing powers and connection to the mineral kingdom, advancing and refining our own energy.