How do chakras affect your life?

Writing is a catharsis, an emotional release that can be a very powerful tool for self-discovery. Rhiana has 14 years of experience as a writing teacher, and she is a licensed Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher. She has combined her writing, teaching, and healing experience to bring greater awareness of chakras and how they affect one’s overall well-being. Chakras are the power centers in the body that energy flows through. Join Rhiana Tehan on this healing journey. In class, we will learn about the seven main chakras and how they connect to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Writing activities are designed to bring greater awareness and attention to that energy center and how it affects your current belief system and reality. This class is for those that want to learn more about the chakra system and more about who they are through fun and engaging writing activities. No prerequisite writing skills or knowledge needed!

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