Chakra Series: Wednesdays 5-8pm

September 5: Root

September 26: Sacral

October 17: Solar Plexus

November 7: Heart

November 28: Throat

December 19: Third Eye

January 9: Crown

Course Description: Learn more about your chakras in the central channel through fun and engaging discussion, writing prompts, and reflection. Discover what crystals, oils, and techniques will be beneficial in balancing and unblocking your chakras. This class is for those that want to learn more about themselves and their energy centers, it is a fun writer’s workshop, regardless if you like to write a tiny bit or are prolific, if you want to discover more about yourself and your chakras then this class is for you. This is a powerful class that helps you understand your inner programming. Whether you’re a chakra pro or a beginner I guarantee this class will surprise you in its healing benefits, as it does for me every time I teach it. Starting enrollment now, reserve your space for $45. Total series $245. 17 CEU’s. Contact Rhiana today to reserve your space.