Reiki for Spirituality

Are you a seeker? Reiki helps those both novice and long time seekers on the spiritual path. Whether you decide upon training, sessions, or both, this healing energy will open you up to higher levels of consciousness.

Reiki has no religious dogma, but if you are of a particular faith I’ve seen it strengthen client’s relationship with their faith. For me, being raised Catholic, I always believed in God, but never really felt his or her presence in my life. I’m grateful to say that working with this energy has given me plenty of opportunities to see divine work at play every day. Moreover, I feel it’s strengthened my faith, and connection to God, and to Christ Consciousness, far more than all of my religious teachings ever did. I am so grateful I finally feel connected to the universe, creator, spirit, God, and all that is!

There is a divine purpose for every being, and it’s our job to figure out what that is, and to overcome our struggles we came here to transcend. Reiki can put you on your authentic path. Leaving you more connected. Opening up doors to new ways of heart centered living that I never knew existed. Spiritually, Reiki can bring you close to your source and alight your future leading you to your highest good and best self.

This “universal life force energy” is innate in everyone, and only needs the intention to activate for students, and willingness to release and receive. Tap into your divine self, raise your awareness, and move forward knowing there is a purposeful path that awaits you now.

Many people on the planet are undergoing planetary ascension. That means people are waking up to their true spiritual heritage. In simple, we are learning to live by our heart! We really are divine beings having an earthly experience. Reiki can help your soul’s progression here on earth by removing energies that are holding you back.

reiki for spirituality