Reiki for Emotional Baggagereiki for emotional baggage

Got emotional baggage? No shame, everybody does. We no longer have to carry this load anymore. Reiki for emotional baggage helps us clear up old battle scars, and wounds by removing the energetic charge. In effect the memory is still there, yet the poison and toxic feelings surrounding the issue can be cleared. Once your energy is cleared and balanced in your emotional body, the real peace within you can surface. That’s why more therapists are using Reiki in conjunction with treatment. It’s a given that some charges are harder to let go than others or may take several session to release. I’ve helped clients heal broken hearts, remove energetic barriers around the heart, help with childhood abuse, clear nightmares of the past, PTSD, feelings of unworthiness, and more. Remember it’s your energy and intention, so each treatment works where you need it.    

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