I have seen clients specifically for pain management over the years. This includes insomnia, surgery recovery, migraines, rashes, back pain, cancer pain, general body “stuff”, hospice, and more. Because Reiki is such a peaceful and gentle healing energy that causes the body to deeply relax it helps restore balance and reduce pain a client is experiencing.  That is why Reiki is a perfect compliment to any current health care you may be currently receiving, as it’s all natural and it works! Reiki treatments help reduce pain within the body, and had them heal faster than without treatment. Even Dr. Oz says, “Try Reiki”.

Reiki is Eastern energy medicine that gets to the root of causes, unlike Western medicine that treats the effects. Over 800 hospitals in America include Reiki treatments as a standard part of their wellness programs. Patients report decreased pain and stress levels.

Aurora in Wisconsin has an entire staff of Reiki volunteers, and a training program for nurses in Reiki healing. Since Reiki helps balance the body and has millions of anecdotal evidence of healing, it is growing very quickly.  Personally, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I love training nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, and dentists, as they are all bringing this into their lives and some even into their professional practice!

Reiki research is thriving. Our medical community and research teams are embracing Reiki, incorporating it into hospitals, cancer centers, birthing programs, colleges, and so much more. Psychotherapists are using it for emotional healing as well.  A Reiki treatment is gentle and makes your body and mind feel good. Yes, Reiki really can help you!