Reiki Energy

Everything in this universe is energy.

Everything you see has molecules vibrating at different frequency to create matter. Much energy we do not see, but we see its effects like electricity. You see the light bulb glowing, but you do not see the energy running through the wire.

The same is true for when we walk into the office or family reunion for example. You can literally feel  the positive vibes  or negative energy thrown your way. Some people are more sensitive to this than others, those people are called empaths. I lived my whole life not knowing I was empathic, I just thought it’s how everyone was. I was like a filter picking up everyone’s energies, and it literally made me feel overwhelmed, out of balance, and even toxic!

The Subtle Energy System

Our bodies are energy. There is more to our body than just the physical layer. We have the aura which is comprised of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


reiki energy



We also have energy centers within us called chakras that vibrate at a certain frequency and they can be open, closed, or blocked. Oftentimes an imbalanced person has many chakras that need healing. That’s why it’s so hard to make changes sometimes because we have been energetically pre-programmed since before birth and all through our childhood. This is hardwired into our bodies and aura. If you’d like to know more about chakras and how to begin balancing and unblocking them, check out my chakra workshop series that can be taken in person or long distance!

Energy Blockages

Traumas, even ones we may call insignificant, are also stored in our cells. That is why Reiki is used in cancer centers in hospitals across America, as Reiki heals at a cellular level and helps with pain management. Science calls this bioenergetics, where our cells actually have memory of our repository of experiences.

If we do not know how to heal ourselves, or if we do know know we need balancing. We get stuck in the same trap. That trap is the subconscious energies that sabotage our good intention. Recent research says this about 90% of our energy is subconscious. That means, every person has a lot of work to do: is it your time to begin this journey?

Often we know what we need to do, but fail to do it. If your chakras are blocked or worse: closed, you can get stuck in a neurotic loop, where the energy literally is stuck and you are in a perpetual patterns you can never seem to transcend.  Good news, you can fix this!