I am an animal owner and have used Reiki for pets personally and professionally for years. It is safe and easy to use, and almost all animals are responsive and enjoy Reiki treatments to help with maladies. I’ve worked professionally on horses, cats and dogs. Personally, I’ve given Reiki to my dog, chickens, ducks, guinea pig, fish, house plants and even my garden! I mention this because animals are extremely energy sensitive and aware, no matter how small! A reiki treatment is usually not an hour but anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on the situation.

One winter I volunteered my time to raise money for a dog rescue place where I had my labrador trained. I witnessed animals that have had many past traumas which led to anxious, skittish and aggressive. In particular one small Bichon was yapping incessantly and running his cage in circles. Within five minutes this small dog stopped barking, sat in his pet bed, and completely relaxed while receiving a treatment. The peaceful presence of the dog emerged, and I was astonished at the results. Personally, my dog was extremely ill, so much in fact that he couldn’t lift his hindquarters and walk. After copious veterinarian visits that provided no solution, I gave him a series of Reiki treatments. Miraculously, my dog was healed, his hindquarters restored, and he never had those issues again. If you train or have rescue animals, taking a Reiki class would be a wonderful gift to give those animals and yourself. Time permitting, I will do a house call, or have an animal and owner visit at my home with an animal for a session. It’s important to mention that when working with animals, they often prefer aura treatments (working out in the energy field) rather than direct touch.Animals also indicate the length of time for a treatment, hence the variation in time. Long distance Reiki is a great way to treat animals that have suffered major traumas and may be fearful of new people. It’s also great because you don’t have to keep the pet maintained in one area for the session, and it’s just as effective, although the way the treatment is done is varied.