First of all Trust your gut. Find a reiki master teacher that resonates with you, or a healing practitioner you are guided to work with for healing treatments. There is not any official teacher training standard out there, so buyer beware. Ask questions. How long and how often has the person been practicing?  What is his or her lineage? Where did he or she receive training? How often does this person give himself a treatment? What should I expect in a Reiki Treatment? What should I expect in a class?

These are just a few questions. Reiki is a spiritual practice, so I am of the belief that a good Reiki Master Teacher will embody those qualities.Also, I would never go to anybody for a treatment that doesn’t have a personal practice of providing a daily treatment to him or herself.

Furthermore, this practitioner should always be actively working on inner work.

A true Reiki Master Teacher hasn’t mastered anything, The Reiki has mastered him or her. We are all works in progress, I’m very grateful for the clients that came to me early on in my career, it gave me the confidence to quit my high school teaching job to pursue this full time. With that said, trust who you are drawn to work with, but use good judgement.

Finding the right teacher: As a newbie to Reiki it is so important you find a teacher that not only has worked with Reiki for a number of years, but one that knows how to provide quality and competent instruction.

As a former high school teacher of 14 years, I know what this looks like. Teaching has been my calling since I was a little girl lining up my stuffed animals, the family dog, cousins and my baby brother to play school. Now I never in a gazillion years thought I would teach Reiki healing, this was way off the grid for me. Yet, I trained in Reiki for my toddler’s injury, fell in love with it, learned from it then and every day since. Finally, I surrendered to this profession and stopped resisting. I let Reiki master me, my fears, my doubts about what is possible. A good teacher is also a good student. It’s my belief I’m a channel for this energy, we all are. WE can learn how to openup to it more and more letting it teach and guide all areas of our life. That’s really what I share with students. My phone and email are always open as a segue for ongoing support, along with opportunities for Reiki shares and meditations.

I wouldn’t just go to anybody to work on my energy–not ever.
Reiki treatments and/ or classes are an important investment in you. Often you get what you pay for, so be selective.   Take your time finding the rightperson that resonates with you.  Different practitioners have different abilities, you will want a trained practitioner (preferably a teacher ) that is a good channel for the Reiki energy.

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