Reiki for Children & Teens

Is your child or teen experiencing medical problems, stress, anxiety, emotional issues? Reiki is a wonderful accompaniment to whatever health care you are seeking. Because my background is in teaching, and I’m a mom of kids in grade school, I happen to see many children and teens for Reiki treatments. And, even classes. My kids use Reiki and they often give me sessions if I’m ever suffering from a headache!

Many parents aren’t sure if it will work or help their kid, but balancing a child or teens energy is the same as an adults–if not easier, as they come in clearer than most adults. Often a parent will sit in the room for part or all of the first session. After that first time, all of my children clients have their parents drop them off and they climb up eagerly on the table ready for a restorative healing session.
I just love working with kids, it’s how I got started in Reiki with my son’s surgery, to help his esophagus heal at two years old from swallowing a battery. I was told he may need many further invasive strategies. Meanwhile I trained in Reiki and gave him continuous treatments. Six months later, we walked away from a very scary and often fatal injury. I was sold on Reiki healing and what it can do for the body and mind.
Parents bring their kids to Reiki because they know they need something gentle and helpful. Reiki is helpful for helping kids cope with change such as divorce, death, and moving. Also, I’ve helped kids with anger, anxiety, migraines, empathic traits, surgery recovery, and emotional problems.
There is no need for kids and teens to take these imbalanced energies and blocks ( that can later manifest into larger issues) into adulthood when they can be cleared, unblocked, and balanced now. Giving them insight into the body’s natural ability to heal itself and release toxins is a permanent gift!

reiki for children