Reiki training is a wonderful gift to yourself.  You can learn Reiki in one day, and you will have Reiki energy in your hands permanently. After class you will be able to give yourself or others a treatment. In class your Reiki energy will be activated in a process called the “attunement.” We will have a relaxing day of meditation, content, discussion, and hands-on practice. Classes are scheduled monthly, typically on the weekends from 9am-5pm.  Private classes are available upon request.  You will receive a manual, certificate, continuing education units through NCBTMB, and the awesome healing benefits a Reiki.

Pre-registration is required. Call or email Rhiana to sign up for a class. If you’re ready to learn and grow, or move up to the next level of Reiki, take a Reiki class. All levels of Reiki available, including Holy Fire Karuna as presented by the International Center of Reiki Training. Classes are in a retreat like setting in Mukwonago. Class sizes are intimate. Also, class doesn’t end there, Rhiana offers monthly Reiki shares for her students so you can have a space to practice your new gift! Still considering a class? Call Rhiana to consult, she’s happy to talk to you about any level of training you’re considering.

Outcomes of Reiki Level One

Be attuned to the Reiki energyReiki
Understand the definition of Reiki is and how it works
Have knowledge in Reiki’s history and application today
Experience a self treatment
Practice a Reiki treatment on others.
Understand the Reiki principles
Understand and practice the three pillars of Reiki
Learn and practice both Western and Japanese Reiki techniques
Know the benefits and limitless healing powers of Reiki
Experience the feel of Reiki energy flowing within and in others
Demonstrate awareness on the variations, subtleties, and differences in the feel of Reiki energy.
Know that Reiki is the teacher and that it takes time to develop a relationship with it
Have a basic understanding of the body’s major chakras
Receive a certificate of completion
Receive lineage chart
Receive a folder of supplemental resources

Outcomes of Reiki Level Two

Be attuned to Reiki Level II
Know the definition, drawing, pronunciation, and purpose of the three symbols: Power, Mental/ Emotional,  Long Distance Symbol
Understand the sacredness of symbols thereby honoring by not showing to students who are not attuned to this level
Experience in sending Reiki long distance
Have hands on experience with peers and self in using the Reiki symbols
Know how to give a complete, professional treatment to others using the symbols
Review basic Western and Japanese Reiki techniques
Learn how to strengthen personal light
Cleanse a room, object, and self of negative energy
Understand practical and creative ways of using Reiki level II
Receive a certificate of completion
Receive lineage chart
Receive a folder of supplemental resources
Build upon the foundation of Reiki Level One

Outcomes of Advanced Reiki Training

Be attuned to the Master Symbol
Know the definition, pronunciation, and power of this symbol
Practice drawing and using the symbol
Learn how to use and create a Reiki Master Crystal grid
Learn and practice a master moving meditation
Understand the implications and meaning of this level and where it can lead
Have any questions regarding this path professionally answered
Receive lineage chart

Outcomes of Advanced Master Teacher Training

Be attuned to the Advance Master Teacher Symbols
Know the definition, pronunciation, and power of these two symbols
Practice drawing and using the symbols
Understand and practice how to pass the attunements on from practitioner to student
Have any questions or concerns regarding teaching Reiki addressed
Partake in discussion on moving forward on this path
Building upon the outcomes of the Master Level
Receive lineage chart