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Reiki Helps Heal our Shadow Self

There is a saying that change is the only constant. The most current scientific research states that five percent of what controls our lives is conscious. If I think about these two statements then the truth that emerges is that as our life changes, then our life is essentially controlled by subconscious energies. This idea [...]

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My Pathway to Forgiveness

My Pathway to Forgiveness “You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger.” Buddha Painful life experiences . It is impossible to avoid our destiny as it unfolds. Whether we like an experience or not doesn’t matter, because it’s happening. I like to believe that painful life experiences are [...]

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Writing Scraps of this and that

Discipline strengthens a practice. After teaching fourteen years of high school English, I now am trying to write. The last seven years I taught my favorite— creative writing. It was great fun being people’s editor, idea-slinger and critic, because when it came down to it: they had to do the work. I didn’t have to [...]

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Shifting Resistance to Acceptance

 The greater your resistance to understanding the personal significance of an experience the more time you will destine yourself to live with a painful or confused state of mind (Howard Falco). Years ago, I never would have understood this statement; I resisted everything and everyone I didn’t like. Rather than acceptance and understanding the ubiquitous: [...]

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Listening When You’re Afraid!

After a Reiki healing session I had a client say, “You listened and that’s the hardest part.” We were talking about how I recently quit my financially secure teaching position to pursue my dream of Reiki as a full time career. Her words echo now, “You listened and that’s the hardest part!” Is it? Is [...]

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