As a Reiki student there is nothing to truly do but practice as much as possible. Practice on yourself daily and others if you have the chance. Create a routine, if you like, or practice Reiki on the fly. The great thing about Reiki is— there is no wrong way to do it! Yet, I have a short series of steps as a ritual. Gassho: put my hands together and intend for healing of the highest good. Reiji-Ho: Command your ego and personality aside. Ask to be guided. Chiryo: treatment. Place your hands gently on or above area.

There is a deepening you can experience, the more you practice Reiki, or continue to take classes. Training is great; however, Reiki is the true teacher and a daily self practice develops energy awareness, allows you to channel more energy, and opens a portal of possibility. Do it even if your mind is in the way. Do it –even if you doubt it’s working. The more you practice, the stronger your Reiki gets. When I sat in my first class I thought I would be bad at this because I could only feel the energy subtly. Now, I feel the energy flowing like a river from my palms. I have learned so much from Reiki and all I did was put my hands on myself and got my ego and personality out of the way! It’s that simple. I did it while I watched TV, sat in meetings, or when I went to sleep, I just let it flow and I trusted Reiki to do its job. After all, if you truly believe it is a “universal life force energy”, then there’s nothing you must do. Let the energy guide and pace you, then feel if your heart is ready for the next level of training. Meanwhile, I encourage you to practice, practice, practice, regularly and throughout your day!

Reiki Level One: The basics. Here you receive the attunement that activates the Reiki that is already within you. In class you will learn about what Reiki is and how to practice on yourself and others. You will be directed in giving yourself and others a treatment and feel the “ki” flowing. This is the beginning of opening yourself up to more energy that your body or aura has ever channeled, it is a gift for life. Manual and certification provided for all classes.

Reiki Level Two: This class attunes students to the Usui Reiki Ryoho symbols: the mental/ emotional, power, and long distance symbol. These symbols hold vibrational properties that once activated are like a key that opens up a doorway to a higher frequency and consciousness.

It is my belief that I was able to truly heal wounds from the past using these symbols. I found this work truly transformative. I was able to meet goals more easily. I was able to create healthier lifestyle habits, and my stress from teaching in the city every day and having two small kids began to wane. New ways to improve my quality of life were revealed and I became hooked on this energy and how much healing it could provide: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Moreover, it created a deepening with my practice of Reiki, so much in fact, that it is my lifestyle.

ART/ Advanced Reiki Training: Typically there is one year of wait time from level 2 to 3, although some people have trained in as little as 6 months. Traditionally, in Japan some students would have to wait 10 years or never get to this level, as they had to demonstrate awareness of the sick line or “byosen” in the body. Here the student receives the Master Symbol, this heals at a cellular level. Our bodies have cellular memory and Reiki can help clear traumas and “stuff” that are stored in our cells. This is why Reiki is used in cancer center and hospitals, as it truly is transformative and has amazing results in allowing the body to relax, reduce anxiety, and increase one’s overall energy. The master level, as each succeeding level, increases the amount of “ki” and attunes that student to this symbol and a much higher, more refined level of consciousness.

Master Teacher: Whether you teach or not doesn’t matter, if you are on the Reiki “train” it’s always great to learn more, especially the benefits of the healing attunement that are offered in this course. Here the students become teachers, and have the ability to pass Reiki onto others. The Holy Fire symbol is given in this class. The definition of this Reiki is it: “purifies, heals, empowers, and guides.” Further guidance, practice, experience, along with a complete deepening of one’s practice can be expected. This class is 2.5 days, and sometimes it is taken with level 3, for 3 full days.

Karuna® Master: This is 3 classes covered in 3 days (Karuna® I, II, Master). The students learn 9 symbols. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action”. Students are attuned to the symbols and the Holy Fire Reiki energy. This level of Reiki can help in healing ancestral trauma, soul loss, shadow self, root energies, and much more. Karuna® Reiki has opened my heart to so much love and has gently removed pains, grudges, limiting beliefs, and grief. Karuna® Reiki has altered my perception on how I see myself, others, and the world. It truly is a powerful energy that moves your Spirit to live a more heart centered life!