Reiki Maintenance

In dark places, when it wasn’t easy to take care of myself, reiki penetrated through. Holy Fire Reiki  means to “purify, heal, empower, and guide,” Beyond confusion and mind chatter Reiki has a way of beaming light into the darkness and lifts the spirit to higher ground. Hard times leave us searching and scrambling. Getting regular reiki treatment can help you when you don’t know what else to do.

For me, I didn’t even know I needed it, I thought life was supposed to be stressful and difficult. I am smiling as I write this, because that was my normal. It is NOT! Health, joy, passion, and love are normal and balanced ways to live. There are many routes to this lifestyle, so grab the steering wheel and get en route.

Your bodies energy is akin to your car, know what mileage you need a tune up! Be firm and truthful with yourself. If you really want to create space for positive change, you’re going to have to be accountable. Perhaps you take good care of yourself, are mindful, and things are going well, then maybe you get treatments every 2-3 months to stay in the flow and fully charged. Or maybe you need monthly maintenance (as most of us do), so you get your energy cleared every 3-6 week. For those in a difficult transition maybe sessions are closer together, to shift gears and lift denser energies more quickly.

 In Frans Steine’s book he states: If we do not deplete our own inner energy, we start to feel stronger, happier, healthier, and less tired. This is also why we need to practice the system of Reiki when we are still healthy. If we wait until we get sick or depressed , our energy is already weakening; thus we do not have much energy to bring us back to a healthier state.” He writes this for Reiki practitioners, yet seeing a Reiki practitioner regularly can help you get more life energy flowing and illuminate your perspective.

One thing I love about my job is I see the benefits Reiki treatments provide for different problems. One client comes because of physical pain whereas another may come because he or she is transitioning through a difficult time, and yet another comes because the person wants to maintain health and feels energetically recharged and mentally clear. I’ve been working with Reiki for nine years, and I’m beginning to see it’s limitless wonders, and realize how much more it creates space in our hearts so we may live from that center and in our truth.

As a teacher, I am so passionate about sharing the infinite ways Reiki can help us be our best selves and help us on this life path, by moving out stuck and blocked energies stored up in our psyche, bodies, and aura, and rebalancing our entire system. Short of standing on the sidewalk with a sandwich board that says, “Get Reiki” I opted for this article to share the benefits that regular treatments will bring a person by using the lens of the chakra system.

Crown: Acceptance, calming the mind, creative thoughts, peace with the past. Your mind is your friend, thoughts are kind and productive to creating the life you want, they aren’t sabotaging or critical anymore. Increased consciousness, perspective shifts. Understanding.

Third Eye: Insight, intuition, clarity. Inner knowing, vision  on where to go and what to do. Psychic phenomenon. Seeing goals and areas to manifest dreams.

Throat: Speaking your truth, harmony with thought and word, validation of our voice. Conviction and confidence to say what you feel. Awareness of how your voice matters.

Heart: increased self love and acceptance, forgiveness, removal of grief and sadness. Compassion for self and others. The ability to work in balance with the head and heart so it is a guide to follow. Feelings peaceful and loving towards strangers (despite daily irritations like long lines, bad driving, and other annoyances). Desire to be of service. Removal of anger, which is often love inside out.

Solar Plexus: Confidence, the desire to live live to the fullest and the energy to take action and accomplish what you want.  Good digestion. Increased self esteem and self worth. Comfort with areas of your life you can control and the ability to let life “be” without the energy of constantly trying to control and manipulate situations and people.

Sacral: Synchronicity. Flowing with life. Balanced emotions and ego strength. Knowing your passion. Healing addictions. Releasing shadow aspects of our personality that stop us, delay, or derail us from our heart’s desire.

Root: Trust in life. Release of worries, anxiety, and the thousands of scraps of fear you have stored in this lifetime. Connection with the earth and your right to be here to stand your ground and live the life you want.