Better Tomorrows

I was the type of child that loved nature. Lying on my back, staring at clouds during the day, and stars at night. I asked God the big questions in life, “Why am I here?” “What is the point of life?”  I would collect seashells on the beach while my parents day drank on the pier listening to a band in Fort Lauderdale. I bounced homes between grandma’s house and my parents’ party palace from first through tenth grade.  Beyond confusion I remembered what my grandmother taught me, “Rhiany  put your hands together and tell God your problems, he hears you. Believe in the Virgin Mary she too will help you.”

     At nineteen,  I received a phone call that my mother was in the ICU for a suicide attempt.  All the pain I buried in sandcastles and deep holes on the beach rushed forth leaving me gasping and purposeless. It was then my Aunt Linda told me, You have a purpose Rhiana.It is not here to be in pain. You have to find it! God gives everyone a purpose. Do you believe in angels? I do. Ask them to help you.”

I’m not sure if I prayed then or not. My faucet of childhood prayer rusted shut. Cynicism, stubbornness, and Marlboro Lights moved me through my mother’s sudden death. I spent time not knowing, I spent time asking and seeking, I switched majors from physical therapy and into my true calling of teaching. I made my way. Graduated college, had a series of bad romances,partied a lot, got a masters degree, changed apartments a dozen times. Eventually had a baby, then another baby, a home, a guy, a career. There was little church and little prayer. Life took over. I was 33, had all I asked for, but my bound energy of the past needed healing.  

“Only when it’s safe enough to go back inside can we begin to heal.” These words were uttered by my breathwork coach.  Reiki first pointed me to my heart and helped me heal my grief in a gentle way. I didn’t get swept out in the ocean like I thought. Piece by piece, layer by layer, chakra to chakra. Many times I was still afraid, lost, and uncertain, but I did it anyway.

In retrospect, my childhood prepared me for my purpose. Future work of: forgiveness, self healing, compassion, discernment, trust, patience,  and non-judgement. I’m a firm believer that there is a statute of limitations that you can blame your parents for your life. Yet, it’s also time to have compassionate action for yourself.

So if you’re feeling lost, it’s time to take the road within, and drop the mental and emotional baggage that no longer serves you.Or perhaps, these energies have manifested as physical pain.Regardless, if you hear Reiki whispering, it’s time to answer the call.

Reiki is not a religion. Yet, Reiki did clear up my previous Catholic guilt and gave me wicky fast wi-fi connections to source.  Reiki is a divine consciousness that balances the body, mind, and spirit. It has brought answers to long ago prayers and I have been graced to find the blessing in auspicious and painful times of being human. Reiki healed my suspicion and rallies my fear by infusing me with more and more love that I can share with others in healing sessions and training.

With the eyes of my child self, I see the sun and the moon and the stars and crystals, and I see God in all things. I see the light in people that can’t see in themselves. This faith and awareness wasn’t an overnight download. My journey took years of overcoming fears and trusting that I did live in a friendly universe that supported my heart’s desire.

         It’s been nearly nine years since Reiki came into my heart and it birthed a new life.  I’ve changed careers,  homes, relationships, viewpoints, and much more. Life is good. Reiki is going to help me move my life from good to great!

Are you ready for Reiki to take you to the next level of heart healing, awareness, and joy?  Every person’s journey is personal, but working with your energy you can maximize what you want to manifest by taking control of your energy. Clear blocks, charges, and imbalances to align your mind, body, and spirit. So get back on it, take the next class or get regular treatments, it will lead you to better tomorrows.