What is energy? What is Reiki?


Everything in this universe is energy. Everything you see has molecules vibrating at different frequency to create matter. Much energy we do not see, but we see its effects like electricity. You see the light bulb glowing, but you do not see the energy running through the wire. The same is true for when we walk into the office or family reunion for example. Perhaps a comment wasn’t said, but we could feel the positive or negative energy thrown our way.


Our bodies are energy. There is more to our body than just the physical layer. We have the aura which is comprised of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.


We also have energy centers within us called chakras that vibrate at a certain frequency and they can be open, closed, or blocked. Oftentimes an imbalanced person has many chakras that need healing. That’s why it’s so hard to make changes sometimes because we have been energetically pre-programmed since before birth and all through our childhood. This is hardwired into our bodies and aura.


Traumas, even ones we may call insignificant, are also stored in our cells. Science calls this bioenergetics, where our cells actually have memory of our repository of experiences.


If we do not know how to heal ourselves, or if we do know know we need balancing. We get stuck in the same trap. That trap is the subconscious energies that sabotage our good intention. Recent research says this about 90% of our energy is subconscious. That means, every person has a lot of work to do: is it your time to begin this journey?


Often we know what we need to do, but fail to do it. If your chakras are blocked or worse: closed, you can get stuck in a neurotic loop, where the energy literally is stuck and you are in a perpetual patterns you can never seem to transcend.  Good news, you can fix this!


What is Reiki?

Reiki comes from Japan, and it’s mostly known to be spread by the founder Mikao Usui and brought to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata

 The word Reiki comes from two Japanese kanjis. Rei  which is “Universal life force” and ki  for energy”. This universal life force is the highest vibration and frequency, that comes from the universe or “source”.


 Although there are other healing modalities out there Reiki is a healing energy that works with the most refined energy. A Reiki treatment or class will  ground these high frequency universal energies into our physical bodies. I like to call these energies the Christed Consciousness.


The effect is  balance and harmony.  Think about it, everything in our natural universe was in perfect balance before man. It’s my experience that by allowing these super high frequency energies into our subtle energy system and physical body it aligns you!  Mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore: it takes out your yucky stuff (we all have it 🙂 .


This puts you in flow with the universe. We all know what it’s like to not be in the flow, so why not find the path that removes resistance and is for your highest good? Leaving you charged up ready to take control of your world manifesting what you really want, tossing mediocrity aside.


We all have the potential to be fully satisfied and joyous in our lives, Reiki will help get you back to the real you.


We know this energy works and is effective because in  a Reiki treatment clients have the wonderful healing energies that make you feel better. All the qualities that are healthy to have such as peace, love, and harmony are integrated into our bodies, and the Reiki removing areas that are lower vibrating such as anger, fear, jealousy, and resentment. As you progress with your treatments, you will begin to embody higher frequency energies and experience expansion in awareness, energy, and consciousness.


As I write this, part of me is always mystified by what is Reiki. Despite practicing for seven years and teaching Reiki, part of me will never know all the wonderful benefits this Universal life force energy has bestowed us. Yet, I am a seeker, every day I use Reiki to guide me and to help others in their life. I am certain that if you follow this energy, even if you don’t understand it, it WILL transform you for the better! You, yes you, are reading this right now for a reason.  Reiki will help you in a way that is gentle, safe, and leave you feeling deeply blessed. Don’t wait, the time is now! Get some Reiki, you’ll be glad you did.


Can Reiki Really Help?


Reiki is Eastern energy medicine that gets to the root of causes, unlike Western medicine that treats the effects. Over 800 hospitals in America include Reiki treatments as a standard part of their wellness programs. Patients report decreased pain and stress levels.


Aurora in Wisconsin has an entire staff of Reiki volunteers, and a training program for nurses in Reiki healing. Since Reiki helps balance the body and has millions of anecdotal evidence of healing, it is growing very quickly.   


Reiki research is thriving. Our medical community and research teams are embracing Reiki, incorporating it into hospitals, cancer centers, birthing programs, colleges, and so much more. A Reiki treatment is gentle and makes your body and mind feel good. Yes, Reiki really can help you!


A Reiki Treatment

What to expect in a Reiki treatment:

Peace and relaxation!  You are fully clothed on a heated bio mat loaded with amethyst and black tourmaline crystals. There is soothing music playing and a session is typically an hour.There is no rubbing or massage. I will gently and passively put my hands on the body or above it. What I am looking for is the “byosen” the accumulation of negative “ki” or energy.  There may be warmth or strong heat coming from my hands. Clients often have energetic phenomenon, feeling areas release and unblock within them.


After the session Reiki works where you needed it:

Come in tired, leave refreshed

Got mental mind, experience clarity

Stressed, leave relaxed

Worn out, leave replenished

Depressed, experience Relief

Pre Session: Initial consultation and intention setting.

Post Session: After the session feedback on observations

Intention Setting

People come to Reiki for their own reasons.  What do you want to get out of Reiki treatments? Perhaps you do not know. You just know you are stuck and need change. Perhaps you are going through a very difficult time right now and need some help keeping your head above the ocean of life that feels like it is pulling you out to sea. Reiki can help bring you back to the shores, I know this from experience.

Maybe you have a more serious medical condition that you want energy medicine to help balance and reduce pain in the body to make you feel better.

Because we are whole beings, Reiki treats all areas simultaneously and it works in balancing you to your natural state.  Often physical ailments are manifested by emotional blockages, therefore when you can heal the emotional block the physical symptom will lessen or be removed.  Even if you don’t know why you want treatment, Reiki has pulled you in to provide some needed healing and direction for your highest good.  


One session versus treatment

In order to heal ailments of the body and mind it requires consistent treatment.  Reiki heals very deeply. Yet, if you really want change, momentum, clearing, and healing that’ll open up what you believe is possible then get more Reiki.

Don’t get me wrong, one session can be very powerful and you will definitely feel the effects that it brings, yet if you want to transform your life with lasting changes Reiki will help you with that as well.

Reiki can help you with so much, here’s a few I’ve seen clients work through

*Release some massive emotional garbage

*get you UnSTucK

*Break down your inner conflicts (say yes, when you mean no, doing things you hate,    not having healthy boundaries, not honoring your truth, keeping bad habits, ad nauseum)

*heal past traumas

*train that monkey mind

*align your thoughts, words, actions, reality

*release stress, anxiety, depression

*help with life transitions

*help heal addictions

*accelerate surgery recovery

* help physical symptoms and pain

*reduce chronic pain in body

*increase inner peace

*help manifest dreams and opportunities

*stay energetically clear and charged

*Get connected to your higher self and your divine: angels,saints, ascended    masters,bodhisattvas guides, Christed

  Consciousness energies

* seek enlightenment


You did not accumulate all of this gunk in your body overnight. Think of Reiki like peeling an onion, a treatment keeps removing levels of toxicity and blockages within the body. You will notice results immediately, but deeper traumas within the body that are stored at a cellular level can require multiple sessions.

Having a Reiki treatment is like cleaning your lint trap in your dryer. You come into a treatment with never having it checked, that means your trap is full, probably even backed up and blocked! You just know it by how you feel that you want to get back to your old self: the happier, passionate, peaceful, positive, lovely being that you truly are- or think you were. A lot of my clients see me because they are very, very tired with the way things are in their life and how the energies of the world have kicked their butt.

Don’t worry, just like you brush your teeth and hair every day, cleaning your energy lint trap will keep you feeling good, once we remove much of the gunk that’s been in you a long time. You can and will get to a point where all that crud is gone and you feel really good: back to the real you but better-fully charged and cleared of energies holding you back, keeping you down, limiting your potential for happiness and joyful living.


With Reiki you move from This to That, as you unlock energy in one area of your body, it spills over in other areas. When you begin to heal and clear traumas from the past it effects your current energy and mental attitude, which affects your mind and ability to accomplish your goals. It’s a complete treatment of the mind, body, and spirit, so Reiki is working in all areas at once and clients lives move upward in a direction that brings them greater peace and clarity. If you already have that, then maintaining your wellness and keeping your batteries fully charged is integral for optimizing a successful life. Also, we often do not know the tiny holding areas in our life that can be released and open up even greater synergetic potential for our lives.


Finding The Right Practitioner or Teacher: First of all Trust your gut. Find a teacher that resonates with you, or a healing practitioner you are guided to work with for healing treatments. There is not any official teacher training standard out there, so buyer beware. Ask questions. How long and how often has the person been practicing?  What is his or her lineage? Where did he or she receive training? How often does this person give himself a treatment? What should I expect in a Reiki Treatment? What should I expect in a class?

These are just a few questions. Reiki is a spiritual practice, so I am of the belief that a good Reiki Master Teacher will embody those qualities. Also, I would never go to anybody for a treatment that doesn’t have a personal practice of providing a daily treatment to him or herself.

Furthermore, this practitioner should always be actively working on inner work.A true Reiki Master Teacher hasn’t mastered anything, The Reiki has mastered him or her. We are all works in progress, I’m very grateful for the clients that came to me early on in my career, it gave me the confidence to quit my high school teaching job to pursue this full time. With that said, trust who you are drawn to work with, but use good judgement.


Finding the right teacher: As a newbie to Reiki it is so important you find a teacher that not only has worked with Reiki for a number of years, but one that knows how to provide quality and competent instruction.


As a former high school teacher of 14 years, I know what this looks like. Teaching has been my calling since I was a little girl lining up my stuffed animals, the family dog, cousins and my baby brother to play school. Now I never in a gazillion years thought I would teach Reiki healing, this was way off the grid for me. Yet, I trained in Reiki for my toddler’s injury, fell in love with it, learned from it then and every day since. Finally, I surrendered to this profession and stopped resisting. I let Reiki master me, my fears, my doubts about what is possible. A good teacher is also a good student. It’s my belief I’m a channel for this energy, we all are. WE can learn how to open up to it more and more letting it teach and guide all areas of our life. That’s really what I share with students. My phone and email are always open as a segue for ongoing support, along with opportunities for Reiki shares and meditations.

I wouldn’t just go to anybody to work on my energy–not ever.

Reiki treatments and/ or classes are an important investment in you. Often you get what you pay for, so be selective.   Take your time finding the right person that resonates with you.  Different practitioners have different abilities, you will want a trained practitioner (preferably a teacher ) that is a good channel for the Reiki energy.