Create Chakra Sprays Using Crystals and Essential Oils!

Location: Citizen’s Bank Training Center

5450 S. Mooreland Road. New Berlin

 Cost:$ 70

Date & Time: Saturday, May 6, 10am-1pm

    Why you want to take this class:

*It is going to be very fun!

*It is synergetic in healing modalities

* You get a great set of vibrational sprays

*You will learn so much

* You can create a healthy practice for balancing your chakras


*You will create spray bottles using essential oils and crystals that have specific purposes to aid in emotional and mental balancing, increased wellness, and much more. *The harmonic frequencies of the oils and crystals are aligned to each chakra. You will learn about the chakra, oil, and crystall in this beginning class.


Did you know that crystals and essential oils are mentioned over 200 times in the bottle?

Let’s tap into their healing power.


*Help release fears, negative emotions, increase self love, and much more. Learn how to develop a meditation and treatment for balancing the chakras and continued self treatment to improve the mind, body, and spirit!