“ I feel like I lost everything.” words uttered by a Reiki student a month after her level one training. She spoke of her experiences, since it resonated  similar stories it catapulted me to write this. She said what most say: life got busy and her momentous start dwindled. She doesn’t have the time to practice. Moreover when she does practice her mind struts in with doubt:  Is this working? Am I feeling anything?Who am I to do this?

She went on to express her fear of losing  how Reiki made her feel. She shared disappointment about her good intentions.  As her fear  spoke, I knew, she knew — without words — that Reiki awoke her spirit. If not heeded: the energies of our world can and will overwhelm and/ or stray us from our truest path that alights the heart. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.”

Persistence! Our mind is strong, and the traumas in our physical and emotional body are intense. These energies can override and derail the eagerest of Reiki students. Also, I haven’t even mentioned the energies of the ego, that is another article. Don’t let your monkey mind  stop you from moving forward and listening to the inner wisdom of your heart.  Taking the next Reiki class will strengthen your resolve and will to make changes, shifts, or help you manifest your best reality. By simply having access to this energy it makes your life easier.

I probably never would have used Reiki after my first class if I wasn’t dealing with tragedy. My two year old son swallowed a round watch battery. This forced me to do daily Reiki treatments on him. At night, worried if he’d recover or if we’d have extensive surgeries, I would put myself asleep with a self Reiki treatment, simply by putting my hands over my heart. At first I couldn’t tell if Reiki was working, yet I didn’t care what my mind thought,  I just trusted  Reiki to work. It did.  Six months later Luke was cleared of all damage done to his esophagus. This injury empowered me to take my reiki training seriously. I used it every day since, and in seven year the healing powers are transformative.

It’s normal to fall out of practice or not  use Reiki the way you think you should. You can use your Reiki whenever you like, it is always there . . . waiting. Anytime you take another class it’s like increasing your energy from  a 10 watt to a 50 watt  light bulb. Moving from level one to level two made Reiki more accessible. With use of the Usui symbols in the second level I didn’t  need to be still or in a bed  to practice Reiki. I did Reiki on the fly. I loved how using the Reiki symbols began to change how I felt. In the book The Secret Life of Water Masaru Emot shows how words used on water change the molecular structure. Now just imagine all of the words and thoughts you say to yourself. The water he would pray over,play music to, or say positive things to, created beautiful snowflake patterns. Whereas the other water he would say negative things to had hard fissures and cracks. The water under a microscope looked awful! This study proves the power of our thoughts. Our bodies are 80% water, consider for a moment how your thoughts are affecting your molecular structure. Reiki helped me change my self talk to a consistently  more positive mindset even in the darkest times. DeEpak Chopra says that 90% of our thoughts are negative, so there is a lot of work we can do at the level of mindfulness with our Reiki!

Before Reiki I could read all the self help books in the library, yet the “charge” was always there, I could say, “I forgive others and I set myself free.” Yet part of me could not let go. I was angry. I was justified. I couldn’t release the energetic charge holding me back. Bumping up to the second level of Reiki, my energy became stronger and by  activating the mental/ emotional symbol it actually worked and I could truly forgive. Painful memories were still in my memory, yet the energy around it was healed. Reiki level two also helped me with goal setting and releasing negative ways. Daily on my work drive I would send this healing energy to specific things.  I began to notice opportunities  manifesting the more I used Reiki! I loved how this practice worked, it seemed to make things easier to achieve, and it enabled me to flow more with the river of life. Albert Einstein says, “ A problem can not be solved from the same level of consciousness it was created.” Using Reiki energy brings in a higher level of consciousness and energy, that begins to work in your world in a myriad of ways. Reiki brings peace where conflict resided. Reiki provides clarity in the confusion. Reiki can do so much more, the more I use it the more I learn from this rei “universal life force” ki “energy. I still love and use this practice consistently.

The past doesn’t matter, what remains is right now. Are you going to trust this energy works? Or do you believe it’s too good to be true, or perhaps that it wouldn’t work for you? We have many, many thoughts. Ask your heart if moving onto the next level of Reiki is for you. Perhaps healing sessions would be more beneficial for you right now. Trust your guidance. When I took the Reiki class I empowered myself with tools for change. When I received Reiki sessions, I also was able to receive a lot of wonderful benefits. Consider what would serve you best right now. Often people will do both. Do what works for you, but I can’t encourage you enough to receive the wonderful benefits this energy has to offer through either continual Reiki treatments or taking the classes and using it for yourself. It is a permanent blessing!