Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner at the personal or professional level in as little as one day!

Hello You!

I’m super excited to tell you that Reiki is fun and easy to learn and anybody can do it!


Imagine . . .

Getting your  real self back: feeling freer, lighter, and more energized than ever before

Healing yourself and others with the power of your hands.

Spending your days doing what  you’ve been called to do at a soul level!

Clearing away your inner conflict and expanding your peace, light, and love!

Helping yourself, loved ones, and others with the natural, restorative, and peaceful energy of Reiki!

Most of what I teach isn’t just about Reiki, it’s about how using Reiki energy in your life can transform you –to the best future you!  Having experienced major transformation in my life with the infinite healing powers of Reiki, I share my story of how Reiki can truly help you, along with comprehensive training and ongoing support after class is over! Everybody comes to Reiki for his or her own reasons, that is what I love about it. It’s a perfect modality for you, it’s already there inside of you, just waiting to be activated right now!

Whether you’re. . .

Brand new to energy work

Or an experienced healer in Reiki or other modalities

Or you’re  looking for that “one thing” to help where you are at  . . .

I often hear from students that they know the body has the power to heal itself they just don’t know how or what to do. Taking a Reiki class is a superb way to connect with your life force energy,

To lift you up and get unstuck

Release stress, anxiety, and depression

Clear your “junk from the past” so the memory is there, but the pain is healed

Get to truly know “YOU” by awakening the real you . . .and so much more

In just one day, you receive the gift of Reiki energy permanently for levels I, II, and III. Reiki Master Teacher training is 2.5 days and Karuna Master is  3 days. Think about how a natural healing energy inside of you can help you RECONNECT with the real you. Imagine who you want to be in old age, Reiki will lead you to your highest good and best future self.


It is my mission to spread the light and love of Reiki through healing classes and sessions.I can’t wait to be your guide and mentor on your journey as you tap into your healing ability. Everyone has it, but are you going to use it and activate it?

Classes of all levels offered monthly. Contact me to register for a class. Private classes available for your group or business

Reiki Blessings,