I’m so happy it is nearly March and Spring is on its way. I’ve been especially grateful for the mild winter. I’ve been using the time to really do some deep decluttering and reorganizing of old systems. This book When Organizing Isn’t Enough SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life  by Julie Morgenstern has been a fabulous help. I just love her approach to how objects are attached to identity and represent old thought patterns, reading it has helped me get a new sense of my space at home, as well as my schedule, and habits. It’s an enlightening, no-nonsense pragmatic read that has sprung me into action. Admittedly, I’m feeling a bit disorganized, as I unearth areas I find troves of things tucked away that were unbeknownst to me. I know that when I finish this huge task from closets to filing cabinets, then down to the nitty gritty scheduling and personal habits, that I will have an “upgrade” in my life. Forward March, pun intended. It’s also inspired me to do some painting and home projects that I’ve avoided and procrastinated, my goal is to have this all done before spring actually comes so I can enjoy the weather and do some kayaking and hiking.  

As for me, I’m providing healing sessions in Mukwonago, teaching Reiki on certain weekends, and I’ve been asked to extend my meditation series at the library. On days I don’t have Reiki sessions, I substitute at elementary schools.Each day is different, and I am learning so much from the free spirit of children, how they do not worry, how they play, and how they just flow. And the irony is, they call me the teacher.

My friend and I are hosting a Tibetan bowl class to be taught by Kathryn Rambo. We are aiming to have it Thursday, April 13 at 6pm. We are limiting the class to 10 people. So you must sign up with me. The cost of the class is $45. Also, you should have a Tibetan Singing Bowl, you can buy this on . See the second page of this newsletter for more information.

Also, it is my hope to put together an oil and crystal potion class this spring, I’m still working on that one, but just saying I’m doing it will get me to move forward in its creation.  

Here are a list of my updated classes: To Register email or call Rhiana!

Sunday, March 5 Reiki Level One

Friday, March 24, 9-12 & March 25 &26, 9-4pm Holy Fire Master Teacher

Saturday, April 8, Reiki Level Two


Meditation at the Mukwonago Library

March 16, 6-7:30

March 23, 6-7:30

April 4, 9am-10:30

April 20, 6-7:30


                                                     Thank you for being apart of my journey!