This summer I went for a walk at the lakefront in Milwaukee, with my Reiki Master Teacher, Deb. As our walk lengthened our conversation deepened. We started by discussing the latest in our lives, then we moved into deeper waters, reflecting on our past using the lens of Reiki.  Noticing how perception shifts through the grace of Reiki is one of the infinite healing benefits that I have been honored to receive.


When I first started “doing Reiki” I didn’t realize how much stress, anxiety, and fear I had.  Deb and I talked about how Reiki, this amazing hands-on healing modality, has changed us. By simply inviting Reiki in, it has cleared blocks in our emotional and mental patterning, not to mention feeling physically great and alive!  For example, stuff that was a big deal hardly fazes me now. Conflicts I had with certain people have changed, and my relationships are more authentic. Often I’ve made these transitions in life, “doing it afraid” as Deb says. Although some changes and shifts haven’t been easy, the energy pulls me forward into healthier places.  I felt the two of us connected, like a sun’s ray, through Reiki. Our conversation was like that cool, blue lake water back and forth. We ebbed into how we’ve grown as teachers by developing a close relationship with Reiki— as that is the true teacher.


From that walk, she told me to write an article. Apparently I said, “When I teach a Reiki class, I’m not just teaching my students Reiki. I’m teaching everything I know about being a Reiki Master Teacher.”  That walk was about 3 months ago.  I thought, really, who cares what I have to say about that? What is there to even say?   Fear! Fear of not being valued, or listened to, or not writing good enough and blah, blah. Although, I record my Reiki experiences in my journal, I’m not really public about my writing. Only once I was, and it freaked me out that I wrote something so personal it was actually put up on Pamela Miles’ ( site.  Yet, I do hold a deep desire to write my stories.  After all, I have spent 14 years as a writing teacher.  So, why not me?  Yet, no article came as hard as I thought about what to say, I still had a blank page.


I’m fond of saying things happen in “divine time,” this reminds me to remove my ego. My ego wants what it wants, when it wants it. Often that is NOT what is for my best, despite me thinking so. Well today, divine time came, as I had no plan to write this; however, creativity and inspiration struck. Hence, I got out of the way and listened to my guidance. Today it said: sit and write. No plans, just my intention and presence. This way of being is now my life approach. Talking about presence and being present are different things and require consistent practice. Just being has allowed me to surrender to the now, the present moment. Being here right now, with you and this page makes me realize the only thing I can control is me, not the way the world goes.  In this moment I decide who I want to be. I think that’s why I named my company “Be Reiki” as a goal to become the ideals by Dr. Mikao Usui: Just for today: I will not worry, I will be grateful, I will work hard, and I will be kind to others.


When I teach a class, Reiki automatically helps me get out of my head and be fully present with my students. Reiji-Ho, the second pillar of Reiki is when the practitioner asks the ego and personality to step aside, so that the Reiki can flow more freely.  Giving people Reiki assists me in being in the now, and really where else would I rather be? My mind, nah! I had a friend say to me just recently, “Want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Often I have plans and more plans, and I lose my presence. I can cultivate more peace, direction, and balance if I am in the moment, right here right now. This moment gives me everything I need as I am open and ready to receive.  Presence gifted this article, the time allowed the seed to germinate. Now it has burgeoned forth, and I couldn’t have planned anything better.