Be Reiki Newsletter

Greetings! Here are some recent updates.  I hope you enjoyed summer it certainly went by quickly.


Reiki Crystal Healing

I am now providing Reiki crystal healing sessions at no additional cost.  As some of you know I went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to train with Laurelle Shanti Gaia in her Level One Reiki Crystal class. Over the course of two days I learned how to provide clients with the following crystal layouts:


Clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field

Basic chakra balancing and activation layout

Mental, emotional cleansing and repatterning layout


Why use crystals for a Reiki healing session? Reiki is a perfect energy system unto itself, yet when it is combined with crystals, the crystals actually magnify the Reiki for healing.  Nowadays people perceive this as New Age, mystical or occult, when in fact ancient civilizations from Native Americans, Aztecs, Egyptians and indigenous people around the world have used crystals and gemstones because of the healing properties they manifest.  I’ve had this done and it really amps up a session J


Me Published?

I recently had my first article published on Pamela Miles’ site, .  You can read it here under stories, it’s “My Heart, Restored”.  Pamela was recently was on Dr. Oz show promoting the medicinal benefits of Reiki.


Upcoming Classes

If there is a class you want to have and you don’t see it, let me know.  Since I am still at the day job, I do not offer classes as frequently, yet I DO take classes upon request. Just call or email me and we can schedule a time. I also provide private classes for families or groups.

Class Times and Dates


Date                                    Time                                    Level

9-15-12                        9-5                                    Reiki Level 1

10-6-12                        9-5                                   Reiki Level 2

10-13-12                        9-5                                 Reiki Level 1

11-8/11-15                    5-9                                 Reiki Level 1*

11-10-12                        9-5                                 Reiki Level 2

11-24-12                        9-5                                 Reiki Master


  • Asterisk indicates class will be taught at the Franklin Recreational Department, please register through them at or 414-423-4646.
  • Other classes will be held in my private practice. Call or email at 262-498-4162,




Reiki Level One $150

Reiki Level Two $150

Reiki Master ART (Advanced Reiki Training) $200

Reiki Master/ Teacher $200

Karuna Level One $200

Karuna Level Two Master/ Teacher $200




First Time Client $30

1 Hour Healing Session $60

Bundle Buy (Advanced Purchase) $150