How do chakras affect your life?

Writing is a catharsis, an emotional release. Chakras are the power centers in the body that energy flows through. Most people’s chakras are not balanced and can even be closed. Since writing is a very powerful tool for self-discovery and awareness, I have created this class that combines my expertise as a writing teacher and Reiki Master to bring greater awareness of how chakras affect your well-being. We can always increase our ability to understand ourselves and the level of consciousness we choose to operate at.

In class, we will learn about the seven main chakras and how they connect to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Writing activities are designed to bring greater awareness, perspective, and attention to that chakra and how it affects your life and reality. Learn more about who YOU are through fun and engaging writing activities. I like to think of this class metaphorically: Imagine taking a flashlight into the well of our subconscious mind to see what is there! No prerequisite writing skills or knowledge needed! Your writing is private, unless you’d like to share and “homework” is suggested between the weeks.

Price: $30 per class

Location: 6130 South 108th Street, Hales Corners  Contact: 262.363.2805/ 262.498.4162

Time: Sundays 1-4pm


The Lower Triangle                     The Upper Triangle

March 20, 2016 Root/ Fear             Sep. 11: Heart/ Grief (the bridge to upper)

April 17 : Sacral/ Desire                    October 9: Throat: lies

May 15: Power/ Guilt                        November 13: Third Eye/ Illusion

Summer months=Integration           December 11: Crown/ Attachment


The counterpart or “demon” of the chakras is mentioned above, let’s write together, to release and balance that which no longer serves your highest good!