A few years ago I read a Louise Hay affirmation and it said, “Life is simple and easy.” My immediate thought was: “Yah right!” I reflected upon my life with a wrinkled brow, hand cupping chin, and thought of many things that were not simple and easy. It seemed nearly every aspect of teaching high school was wrought with drama, politics, and complicated procedures. At home I had two kids under five and I was living with their dad in Milwaukee. That relationship was fraught with tensions never uttered. Something always demanded attention, and I always had to do, and never just be. Life was not simple and easy, not for me, but I wanted it so.  In that moment I imagined. I imagined life uncomplicated. I imagined harmony. I imagined peace. I imagined a simple and easy life.

I think that is how things begin. We imagine them first. We see them, we hold them in our mind, and we believe it is possible.  This wasn’t a conscious realization; in fact I was resistant and cynical after I read the dumb affirmation. I thought, “Well you just don’t know how it really is!” Yet, somehow, through grace which I like to call my daily practice of Reiki, the idea wriggled into the soil of my brain and planted itself.

Over years of developing a relationship with Reiki, I have seen things I needed to change. Providing daily self treatments helped me release energies of lower vibrations. Consequently, I became more loving to myself and others. Before I left my career as a public teacher, Reiki renewed me with energies of zest and passion and I began to feel fully charged enabling me to perform better, renewing my love of teaching. Some changes were small, like having empathy for a colleague that was irritating. Then bigger changes were shown. I was guided to end the relationship with the kid’s dad, sell my house, buy and remodel a new house, move to a new town, release my MPS job, and invest all my energy in a full time Reiki practice. Before life got simple and easy I had to face areas of my life that demanded truthful awareness. Admittedly it was challenging, but somehow I could see I was being lead to my highest good.

None of this was planned, rather it unfolded organically.  My outline of life dissolved.   What came to my awareness were choices that would make my life better. I could no longer avoid what I needed to change.  I needed to trust Reiki. Granted mine were drastic life changes, yet with all decisions I remember to listen to my heart. It’s not only making life simple and easy, it makes it more worthwhile. The mind will still chatter, the fear will still come, but I can persevere.

The question is: are you going to listen to your mind or your heart?  Many ideas do not make sense to the mind, but feel right in the heart and “gut”. I didn’t even know I wanted a simple and easy life, until I was upset with reading about what I didn’t have. By walking the Reiki path, all of these changes came my way. I took action not exactly knowing why, but trusting my heart and gut.  I’m so grateful I have Reiki to practice and help me create a meaningful, joyous life. I’ve come out the other side on all of these challenging changes, and I’m so glad I did.

More recently, I ran into the owner of Allure, a salon & spa that is five minutes from my house. I introduced myself and mentioned what I did. She invited me to look at a space for rent. There was an energy and excitement I felt about this, as did she. When  I walked in to feel and see the space I said: “Yes, I’ll take it.” I left full of hope and excitement at the new change. Then the dread and fear came. How could I leave my practice in Hales Corners? Was the owner going to be mad at me? Would my clients follow me? What if I lost business? Then, my mind got real creative and decided a new plan; I would work out of both spaces. My heart said NO!  Reiki was once again pulling me in a different direction: I needed to trust it!  I got firm with myself and said, I’m moving my practice to my home town, and that is it. Simple and easy! As I write this, I am currently in the midst of that transition.  The thirty minute drive to and from work is gone, and I will be close to my kid’s school, my dog, and my home! The space feels perfect; it is a lovely salon and spa that had an empty room just waiting for me. Also, my heart has always wanted to create and decorate my own Reiki room, now I have my chance to bring Reiki healing to Mukwonago.

Through all the changes Reiki has opened doorways of possibility that have blessed my life in infinite ways.  It’s made me love and trust me.  Could I ever have imagined this life? No way. The great thing is I didn’t have to, I just did the work by using my Reiki, listening to changes I needed to make, and letting it guide me to my best future. There are many, many paths. Which one are you going to follow: heart or head?