Reiki Classes: Rhiana is an NCBTMB approved provider. Earn CEU’s!


Date                                Level                                Location____                             Times             Price

July 30             Reiki Level Two                            Muskego, WI                          9am-4pm           $200

Aug.  13           Reiki Level One                            Muskego, WI                          8:15am-4pm     $200

Aug. 27            Crystal Class                                 Muskego, WI                           9am-4pm           $200

Sept 10-12       Karuna 1,2,Master                     Shorewood                             9am-5pm           $700

Sept 23-25       Master Teacher                          Shorewood              5-8pm( 9/23), 9am-5pm $600

Oct. 1                Reiki Level One                           TBD *location contingent    *8:15/ 9-4pm    $200

Oct. 22              Reiki Level Two                           Muskego                                  9-4pm                $200


Chakra Class: September 8,15,22,29, Oct. 6,13,27. Location: Hales Corners, private residence.

Cost: $210 for series. Time: 5:30-8:30.   Learn the 7 main chakras and how they affect your life through fun writing activities. Learn tips on how to begin clearing and balancing your chakras!

Reiki Level One Course Description: Be attuned to the healing energies of Reiki permanently. In class you will learn about Reiki and how it heals. You will receive a training manual and learn how to give yourself a treatment as well as others. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful healing energy from Japan that unblocks and redirects your energy flow. It is used in hospitals as it deeply relaxes the body and helps with pain management. Give yourself the gift of Reiki and join Reiki Master Teacher, Rhiana Tehan in this level one class.

Reiki Level Two: Pre-requisite, level one. In this class you will increase the amount of “ki” or energy you can channel by receiving the second level attunement. Also, you will be able to use the three symbols that activate higher levels of healing energy: the power, mental/emotional, and long distance symbol. If you’re ready to move to the next level, this class is wonderful. You also learn how to strengthen your light, create sacred space, and use Reiki long distance to heal the past, present, and assist in future endeavors.

Reiki, Crystals, and Pendulums: This workshop is designed for Reiki students that are interested in learning how to use crystals within their Reiki healing practice. Together we will learn how to clear, charge, and program a crystal. We will work with a pendulum to assess chakra. Then we will learn a chakra layout with the incorporation of selenite wands to aid the Reiki energies in clearing and charging these areas. It is suggested that you at least be a level 2 Reiki practitioner to take this class.