Summer Reiki Class Schedule

//Summer Reiki Class Schedule

Summer Reiki Class Schedule

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Rhiana Tehan, Holy Fire Karuna® Master Teacher


Reiki Share: June 12, 6-8pm. Reiki practitioners of all levels welcome. Treat yourself to a group share, and learn some “back to basics” Japanese techniques this month!

Location: Herbal Therapy and Family Acupuncture Clinic, 6130 South 108th Street, Hales Corners

Suggested donation: $5-$10,proceeds go to rent, oils, water, etc. Invite fellow Reiki friends (there’s nothing that says they have to be my student J !

Minimum: 3 for share to run, RSVP to Rhiana by Thursday, June 11. In the event the share is cancelled I will call, text or email you by that Thursday if I don’t have enrolled, otherwise YAY, let’s get together!


Date                                      Level                                                     Time                      Location__________Price 

June 11,18                           Reiki II                                                   5-9pm                   Mukwonago            $200

June 26,27, 28    Holy Fire Karuna I,II, Master Teacher            9-4pm                  Mukwonago            $600

July 11                                   Reiki I                                                    9-4pm                   Mukwonago             $200

July 25                                   Reiki II                                                   9-4pm                   Mukwonago             $200

August 8                              To Be Determined: Suggestions welcome



New: Chakra Healing thru Crystal Layouts, see other post for more info, starting in July.

Writing Thru the Chakras: I’m teaching the series now in Mukwonago. There are 3 classes left you may take. June 3: Heart, June 10 throat, June 17 third eye, June 24 crown. $20 a class rsvp by that Monday. I’m teaching this in Franklin in the fall!!


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Rhiana Tehan
Rhiana Tehan has been studying Reiki since 2010. Rhiana enjoys working with energy in a variety of modalities including breath work and crystal healing. Currently, she teaches all levels of Usui Reiki Ryoho and provides healing sessions & training out of East Troy, WI.

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